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"This is the sort of dedication to getting the work right that people should know about.  This went a lot better than I dared dream and that was all because of you . . . .  Thanks so much for the great reading!"

  -- Brian James Freeman, author, The Painted Darkness, on Amazon and Audible.

"Summer in the Lake of Her Eyes was beautiful!  Just . . . Beautiful!  I listened to it three times while doing "post!" and it's just lovely.  You did a marvelous job!  Thank you!"

  -- Dennis Miller

"Thanks, Alex.  Tone is perfect -- light and lightly sarcastic . . . you rock!  our secret weapon is YOU.  Thank you for your great work!"

  -- Dan Manatt, Manatt Media

ProVoice  . . .  bringing to life your 

commercials, website marketing, instructional narration, documentaries, corporate branding, audiobooks, medical and scientific text.

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